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How to Become a Writer For TV?

TV writer


It may sound ridiculous to the students who are obsessed with “Peaky Blinders,” “Friends,” and “Game of Thrones,” but if you want to become a TV writer and see the other side of your favorite show, you should watch a lot to notice the details. We are talking about not only TV series but also news and morning shows.

How Long Is a Dissertation?

Dissertation is long


How long should a dissertation be? That question bothered many graduates who decided to go in for a doctoral course. The answer about the length of that work cannot be simple. Different schools and sometimes even various faculties may have variable requirements about how long it should be.

What Is Bilingual Education?

Children talking


They say the United States of America is like the melting pot, its ancestors came all over the globe to make up the population of the most powerful country in the world. It is for that reason that the U.S. has no official language, even though the majority of schools are taught in English. The students who speak other language feel lost, confused, and uncomfortable, but there is a solution to this – bilingual education.

What is Considered a Full-time Student?

Full-time student


Probably everyone heard phrases like “part time student” and “full-time student referring to college enrollment. Of course, full-time ones attend school more frequently than their part-time colleagues, but the exact difference between them is mostly defined by a particular institution.

How to List Things in an Essay

How to list things in your essay


The first question is, “Do you really need to make a list in your essay?” Well, like any other kind of writing, an academic paper should have a clear structure, proven evidence, and a prime example. To separate one thing from another, the majority of professors recommend using lists that highlight crucial information and divide your essay into several subtopics.

How to Write a Lot



Some people have an impression of writers that they just sit around in their chair on the porch, gaze off, look at the shapes of the clouds, and wait for the muse to inspire them to write a poetic passage or a 10,000-word chapter. Well, it does not work in this way. However, the quantity does not always affect quality.

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