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Best Argumentative Essay Topics to Get A+ |

Is Ryan Gosling’s six-pack abs cooler than Zac Efron’s? Should we fight with the legalization of marijuana? Is Game of Thrones better than Walking Dead? Write my essay or order the paper? Any of these argumentative essay topics can easily be the subject of your paper. An argument essay convinces the reader to change the mind. It can be a change in the way of thinking or change of an opinion.

Argumentative essay topics

The argumentative essay is the most important kind of academic papers. Most essay topics have an element of argumentation, even if it is not immediately obvious. After all, why are you writing anything at all if it is not to convince someone of something? The personal statement that will be writing to get into college is an argument that you are awesome. That long Facebook status you have just posted about how Peaky Blinders is the best movie of all time is the same. Whether you are going to pick one of the funny argumentative essay topics or some really important issue, the requirements are the same.

So, how is the argumentative essay organized? Regardless of the topic, you have got your introduction, a thesis that states your overall opinion, the body of the essay will have your supporting points, and finally your conclusion in which you wrap things up neatly. If that seems like a bit much, do not panic. To help you, we have written down not only interesting argumentative essay topics but also an instruction on how to write one.

The Structure of Any Argumentative Essay Topic

Topics for argumentative essay

Introduction + Thesis Statement

You have probably heard that in any of the argumentative topics you need to get the reader’s attention from the first sentence. But how can you do it? There are three main ways – surprising statement, question or attention grabber. I love to practice more than theory, so catch the examples of a great introduction for your argumentative essay topics.

Fishermen who fish off of the Manhattan Beach Pier are putting other people’s lives in danger every day. It is a surprising statement. Who could think fishermen could do such a thing?

A lot of people go to have you ever wondered or did you know? But every question on a topic sentence does not have to start like that. Here is another way. Do you think that people might think twice about casting their fishing line off of the Manhattan Beach Pier if it leads to the death of a floating pelican or even a nearby surfer?

An attention grabber comes. The Manhattan Beach Pier is one of the tranquil places to be on a breezy summer morning. That is until the waters turn red with a blood of a surfer being attacked by a great white shark.

Your thesis statement is made up of your opinion and three main ideas that illustrate this. We put the thesis statement in the introduction, so the reader knows straight away what the writer’s opinion is and what will be explored in the argumentative essay.

Body Paragraphs + Conclusion for Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Describe the topic, tell more. What could you say that would not give away your reasons and keep everyone interested in it. You need to kind of restate the first sentence in a fresh way. Every day that pier fishing takes place off of the pier and puts many lives at risk.

Present the reasons of the argumentative essay. It is the reasons you have been collecting information on, taking notes and getting quotes. You should present them in a concise way. The fish that is caught might be tainted by pollutants. The fishing hooks might also catch pelicans or even people. The bait used to catch the fish might attract sharks.

When you presenting an argument, your reader must see things from your point of view. You can’t let them brush it off because they do not agree with you right off the bat. It is on you to persuade them by providing support for your arguments and effectively shooting down any potential counter-argument.

Write your claim as the last sentence of your paragraph. There is absolutely no reason that people should be allowed to fish off of the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Here is my personal tip. It is important to have a strong structure when you build the house. An argumentative essay is the same. Keep your thesis as specific and arguably as you can. Make sure it is not too broad or general. It should refer to the three points you are going to make in your body paragraphs. For example, history is very useful in sharing your our understanding of ourselves, other people and wider community even though some believe that this knowledge is outdated.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

The first block of the argumentative essay topics is dedicated to general questions. After each topic, I will provide you with the examples of argument and counter-argument, so you can understand what you can write about in the essay.

1. Does advertising work for people or against? Advertising gives us information about different products / it manipulates our thoughts, money and desires.

2. Should abortion be allowed or prohibited? Women have to have a right to plan how their future and decided how many children they want/ it is a murder of an unborn human.

3. Do more guns make people and country safer? The guns are the bulletproof vest of a country/ the more guns country has, the more terrorist groups will be made.

4. Do countries need to get rid of immigrants? Immigrants are also people that need a home/ having lots of immigrants can be devastating to the economy.

5. Does the LGBT Community need to have the same rights? Gays, lesbians, etc. are just like other people/ it is against the Bible.

6. Euthanasia: for or against? You prevent a person from misery / no one has a right to take somebody’s life.

7. Should sex education be taught earlier? It is useful / it is children need to learn about it at the age of 18.

8. Should girls ask boys out? We live in a modern world and there are no old-fashioned stereotypes / the man has to do the first step anyway.

9. Should marijuana be legal? It is used as a medicine / it is a real drug.

10. Should parents be able to spank their children in some situation? Parents have to raise their child using only words / in some cases spank says more than a word.

Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

Great argumentative essay topics

It is a gold mine in the world of interesting argumentative essay topics. Remember what bothered you when you were in high school. What would you change? Here are some examples of argumentative essay topics about education.

1. Is it better for boys and girls to study separately? Children won’t distract each other during the class/ they need to learn how to communicate with others including the members of the opposite sex.

2. Monetary rewards at schools: for or against? Rewards will stimulate students’ activity/ it will be difficult to correctly calculate a coefficient of efficiency of each student.

3. Should it be a uniform for each specialty at college? It would be great to see students in the streets, cafes and parks and know who they are/every person have a right not to disclose such information to unacquainted people

4. Should students pay a fine for skipping the seminars? The truants have to be punished/ it would not be a problem for students from the rich families to pay for skipped lectures and seinars. I think now you have an idea what argument and counter-argument are. So, go you try.

5. Should universities start later lessons than 10 a.m.?

6. Should weekends be extended to four days?

7. Is homework doing more harm?

8. Do students have more than enough tests?

9. Should schools use stricter punishments?

10. Do grades really matter?

11. Is a cheerleading even a sport?

More Great Argumentative Essay Topics

Every topic that is controversial enough is a perfect fit for an argumentative essay. Does religion cause war? Do we have to give up junk food? Are you for or against plastic surgery? Meat or Vegetables? Should political parties have more youth? Online dating or real dating? The production of stem cells: for or against? Does working women have to get more privileges? Do we have to stop making plastic cups available for students? Online education or a traditional one? Internet VS print newspapers. What about police brutality, immunization, casinos, etc.

Be ready to fight until the very last and you are going to win this battle. Remember what the last thing you were arguing about and prove that you were right. In writing, arguing is not about the decibel of the voice. It is all about the power of the evidence.

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