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Best College Majors That Will Guarantee You a Job

In the old days, college major was seen as currency for securing a better spouse, better cocktail party conversation, and, of course, employment. These things have not really changed, but the priority and ranking of them have. So, a team of professional writers from will enlighten your minds with the spark of the most marketable college majors offered in the US and across the world.


Best college degrees


In general, majors like history, philosophy, and social work are essentially second-rate degrees for the modern economy. The focus is centered around sciences and computers. What surprising is that many of the majors that students earn are not preparing them for the workplace. They learn a bunch of theory while the practice is the first thing an employer is looking for. The Washington Post estimates that only 27% of degree holders are using their degree in their field of work, considering the investment and student debt that goes along with an education.

However, it is no secret that higher education comes at a premium these days. With the cost of tuition inflating, it has never been more important to choose a lucrative career. Those who choose wisely are rewarded with a generous salary while others are doomed to pay off student loans for decades. So, you may wonder, where do I get the most bang for my buck? Who is still hiring for a degree? What college majors are marketable today and hopefully in the future? That is exactly what we are looking at today with our list of the best college majors that will guarantee you a job.


This college major highlights an increasing trend in higher education. It may not seem like an obvious choice, and it does require a sharp mind. But the secret is that there is a growing field in biological sciences. You may ask: “Do not you have to go to medical school to get a graduate degree to use biology degree?” Well, yes and no. Biology is a great entry to moving toward medical school and becoming an MD or psychiatrist. But that is not the only fate.

A person who majors in biology, have a lot of chance to get into different kind of medical area: genetics, biotechnology, ecology, and environmentalism. The world moves at a breakneck pace, and there are endless aspects of the modern economy which center around biology – from lab work to fieldwork.

Possible career options: biological technician, genetic counselor, health communications specialist, pharmaceutical/medical product sales representative, etc.





If you earn a college major in finance, does it mean you end up making a fortune every year? If it would be so easy… To be honest, the college major in finance is not the ticket to a career with a stellar salary. The average recipient of a person in finance gets $60,000 per year. However, a few years in the industry makes a big difference.

What is more, employment within the field is expected to increase by 15% between 2019 and 2026. The world is in need of specialists who understand international finance laws, regulations, and tax codes. The list of career opportunities which a college major in finance can prepare you for would include jobs such as brokering, financial planning, corporate finance, investments.

Possible career options: management analyst, compliance officers, claims adjusters, investigators, appraisers, personal finance advisor, financial examiners, human resources & marketing, real estate brokers.


As the world’s population increases, the technological revolution expands, and the environmental issues multiply, professionals, who comprehend the basics of mechanical processes, will find an immediate entry into careers marked by job security and satisfaction. We are talking about all of the branches of engineering – from civil to aerospace. Moreover, with a college major in engineering, you will have an endless list of career choices. As a bonus, the average salary of a senior structural engineer, for example, is quite impressing: $99,000 per year (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

There is a simple guide on how to build a successful career majoring in engineering: get formal education (a four-year bachelor’s degree + master’s degree in a field you want to specialize in); get experience while you are at college (competitions among college students); and career advancement (the process of becoming a flexible and broad-minded specialist).

Possible career options: automotive engineer, civil engineer, aerospace engineer, construction manager, environmental engineer, design engineer, quantity surveyor, nuclear engineer, CAD technician, etc.

Computer Science/IT

This really is no surprise since we are witnessing a time where tech is booming. So, a lot of employers are looking for people who are computer savvy. Even if your job is automated, companies will still need programmers and developers to maintenance create new software to keep up with the competition. Expected job growth is around 25%, and the median pay is between $80,000 - $100,000. That is not a bad takeaway from this small investment for four years.

Possible career options: software developer, computer systems analysts, network system administrator, web developer, etc.

Political Science

Have you ever thought that your inauguration speech would be much better than Emmanuel Macron’s one? Well, there are two options: either you are interested in political science or Donald Trump just had an awful inauguration speech. If you are coming around the first one, we have got great news for you. You are lucky enough to be interested in one of the most promising and high-wage jobs.

Of course, you need to start from the internship as Rachel Zane from “Suits”, but then you can work your way up (watch the movie to learn how to do that). With a political science major, there is a good chance to go from a correspondent to deputy chief pretty quickly.

Possible career options: paralegal, arbitrator, Public Relations specialist, etc.


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