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  • Career Goals Essay: Tips from Professionals to Write it Entertaining

Career Goals Essay: Tips from Professionals to Write it Entertaining

Usually, career goals essay questions vary from year to year, but almost every candidate will have to answer these: “What are your short- and long-term goals after getting an MBA degree?” and “How the X school will help you to reach your goals?”


Essay on career goals


These are fundamental questions when writing the application. And shaping answers will help you in almost everything: starting with the list of schools and ending with the effective choice of recommendations and successful interviewing. So, it is good to begin writing a career goals essay as early as possible, and then to come back to it quite frequently.

The topic itself requires some research. Any student knows how to do it. And finding a research paper for sale might be a solution if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your career goals essay should be 500 or 1000 words long, the admission committee pays attention to candidates who:

  • Have ultimately determined their career purposes, both short-term and long-term ones.
  • Mentioned grounded reasons to go in for an MBA on the current career stage.
  • Know the features of the school they chose.
  • Know what their contribution to the campus community will be after their acceptance.   

Successful Career Goals Essay Keys

The key to success when approaching every component mentioned above is concreteness. Writing about clear and achievable plans is essential when you speak about future career goals in an essay. The MBA admission committee thinks that students should have a straightforward approach towards the choice of subjects, communities and clubs, and internship courses. Everything is directed to prepare them for real work after graduation, so it is especially important to determine the field of activity. Besides, in a career goals essay candidates should explain what they want to reach on their position.

The admission committee members understand that one of the best ways to find out if the candidate's ambitions are solvent is to ask them what they have already reached. Not every school gives a separate question about that, but in most cases, you can make your career goals essay brighter if to include a short but logical story resuming your career way till the present day. The story should reveal the connection between previous experience and future purposes. In a good essay, every component is described adequately and in details, while maintaining the balance between "career development," "post-MBA goals" and "why the X school" explanations.

Another essential part of any career goals essay: to explain your interest in the program. The admission committee needs to understand how serious you are about studying if they accept your application. Candidates choosing subjects connected with their goals and understanding the campus atmosphere basing on their visits to the school or communication with graduates make a good impression. Your purpose here is to prove that you've conducted severe research and your decision on the application is informed.

Additionally, don’t forget that profits should be mutual. In other words, show that not only the X school suits your needs perfectly, but you can enrich its community with your presence. In a good career goals essay, the candidate describes what he or she can contribute to the group and says precisely how they're going to participate in the on-campus life of the school.

Above there you can see general recommendations. Here below are some more detailed tips.

Organize Your Ideas on the Career Goals Essay

A carefully prepared plan with many details will be your helpful material in writing the career goals essay. In fact, this plan is likely to that for any other academic text you might write as a student:

- Try writing two to three basic sentences so they could serve you as a thesis statement.

- Create an outline and make it be a substantial one.

- Keep up with the general essay structure: an intro, the main body, and a conclusion. Make sure an introduction is not too long, include your career goal background in there: say what made you choose purposes you did. Be very careful when choosing words to write. Try to take your audience into account and write a career goals essay according to their expectations.

Facts Matter

The main body is the most crucial point of your essay on career goals. Explain in details what your real purposes are and what plans you’ve got to make them real.

Giving precise and realistic examples is very important here. The main body is the place for you to focus on actual proofs that have the most prominent meaning to "hit" the audience's mind. How to reach this point? Give your key points some support with examples and facts taken from trusted and relevant websites, for instance.

Provide the reader with an explanation:

  • Why you are good for the chosen career and goals you mentioned in an essay;
  • Show your qualification and skills through relevant examples.

Remember: write what you think, speak from your heart and don’t pretend to be the perfect candidate. This way is the most probable to be the precise strike and to impress target readers with your career goals essay.

A Strong Career Goals Essay Conclusion

Think over the importance of your goals in a career. Add lines which can become memorable for the reader, leave a mark in the community's minds. Emotional phrases will suit here as well, but measure the dose of emotions carefully. Don't overuse rhetorical tricks. Otherwise, you risk spoiling even the best essay: readers usually remember conclusions of career goals essay texts the most.

Check Everything Twice

Don't think writing a summary to be the end of your career goals essay creation. Have a few days of a break (that is why you should write this text early before the deadline. Check the text to improve the contents where necessary, to add flow, logical connections, and correct orthographic, spelling and grammar errors if you notice them. To make it all perfect, let your family or friends proofread the essay for you.


Career goals essay


Use these best tips from iCheapessay authors when you need to write an essay about career goals for any program, both graduate and undergraduate one, or if the homework task is the point. They suit every text of this kind. In case you are not confident about your writing skills, check examples of career goals essays and analyze them to become better.

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