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  • How to Compose a Good Critical Thinking Essay? Basic Writing Guidelines

How to Compose a Good Critical Thinking Essay? Basic Writing Guidelines

Critical thinking essay


In order to find out how to write a critical thinking essay, it is important to understand what critical thinking means. First of all, it refers to the ability to interpret information in different manners and form solid conclusions regarding it. When someone thinks critically, they discuss some ideas and come up with suggestions concerning them. Moreover, critical thinking develops a person`s analytical skills, teaches how to read between the lines and form certain arguments.

It is not an easy task to develop critical thinking. It is much simpler to choose the position which already exists in the society. When you stick to the opinion which has been offered to you by your friends or family, you do not analyze the information you get. However, if a person thinks critically, they form their own position, after carefully studying and analyzing all the facts. Such a person does not depend on the stereotypes or public opinion, as they have independent critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Essay Writing. Where to Start?

Students often get an assignment to write a critical thinking essay. Some of them simply choose to order a research paper for sale, but others decide to write it on their own. So, how shall one write a critical thinking essay?

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to define an argument which will be the basis of the discussion. It has to be detailed: you have to highlight the reasons why exactly you are for or against something.
  2. Secondly, write an essay outline. It will help to organize all the ideas you have and position them in the correct order. Thus, you will be able to decide which points it is better to start with and which of them to put at the end of the essay.
  3. Come up with a perfect thesis statement. Here you will have to distinguish the central focus of the essay. It must introduce the aim which will be achieved in the body section.
  4. The main body of the critical thinking essay is the most essential paragraph, where each part of the thesis has to be carefully analyzed and backed up. Just review each of the points one by one and devote several sentences to explaining your point of view. It is also the high time to use any evidence to support your thoughts. It is important to stay in line with the main idea and discuss each of the arguments in detail. To write a good critical thinking essay body, it is important to gather information and form your own opinion regarding it. It is also a good idea to take some notes while processing it, not to miss any valid points.
  5. Concluding a critical thinking essay properly is as important as composing a solid body. A good conclusion has to support each of the ideas mentioned before. There are several points to keep in mind when writing it:


  • A critical thinking essay conclusion has to be brief and precise
  • It has to sum up the main ideas listed in the body part
  • It must reflect the general essay theme
  • It has to fit in the paper and introduce no new information

Why Is the Critical Thinking Essay Writing Important?

The main aim of critical thinking essay writing is to improve the person`s analytical skills. It teaches to carefully analyze the given information, find strong and weak points in the proposed arguments, form one`s own point of view and express it in a clear manner. It also helps to form and answer the correct questions about the proposed ideas.

Critical thinking skills allow to structure the data in the correct manner, distinguish what is important, and make the proper conclusions. It is extremely important in real life, as critical thinking helps us to solve the problems and make the right decisions in questionable situations.


Writing a critical thinking essay can be extremely useful, as it not only helps to analyze and structure the data in the correct manner but also develops analytical thinking skills. Such skills can be highly applicable to real-life situations, as they allow to overcome various challenges and come up with the appropriate solutions.

Moreover, critical thinking essay writing helps students to form their own unbiased opinion, which makes them independent from the position, accepted by the society. It also allows to filter the unnecessary information and focus only on the worthy points. Such skills are acquired through the process of reading and analyzing different texts and forming specific arguments to back up the main idea.


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