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Essentials in Writing Essays

Essentials in writing perfect essays? That sounds very promising. But is it possible to write a perfect essay? The author of the following article hears “write my essay" requests regularly and deals with such kind of paper all the time. But here is the point: if one keeps up with all the genre rules, it turns writing a perfect essay into a paradox.


Writing essentials


The reason is simple: no essentials may help you compose ideal essays because… Well, because a perfect essay has to be imperfect. The word “essai” means “an attempt”, “a sketch” in French. Drafts can’t be ideal. But of course, if one knows certain writing essentials, a student can create an exciting text which the professor will read with interest and put a higher grade after. So, let’s define what kind of a text it is and which skills are critical for a student when creating it.

An essay means the academic task, a kind of prose composition written in a free form. In fact, it is a text reflecting the author's thoughts on the required topic.

The essential point to know is that they test not your knowledge in essays, but your skill to ground your viewpoint with arguments, to state thoughts and express them consequently and logically. An essay is probably the task demanding most creativity from students in schools, colleges or universities.

Although it seems to be simple, it can bring great consequences:

  1. A student improves the abilities of their creative thinking.
  2. A student enhances the skill of expressing their mind argumentatively and laconically.
  3. They train analytical thinking, too.

When it comes to the essentials of essay contents, the best choice is to keep up with five following principles.

Your Opinion

The author's opinion is what matters the most in this text. It means that the essay is biased by default. So, the essential point is obvious: don’t try generalizing other people's thoughts on the question. You should express your viewpoint and then analyze it in comparison with existing hypotheses and (or) axioms.

The Topic

Even though your opinion is the focus in composing an essay, you shouldn't forget that you touch a specific theme in it, too. This fact means you should reveal the problem well. To control your actions, answer the following questions:

- did I reveal the topic?
- how precisely did I express my thoughts?
- is the text written correctly and carefully?

Writing Essential: Oratory

The oratory mastery is a skill which remained critical since Antic times. It has never lost its importance. And the essay is the task which lets you use it. So, make your text be solid, able to persuade readers and prove to them your thoughts are correct.

Essentials in Writing: Individuality and Specialty

Yes, it seems to be banal enough: they want you to show individuality everywhere nowadays. But when we are talking about essentials, we mean slightly different things: the shape is equally important to contents. To make people hear your thoughts, you need to express them interestingly. That is why devoting some attention and additional time to work on your writing and style mastery is essential.

Writing Essentials: Details

Remember of details. The text looks more trustable and solid if you fill it with certain facts, reasonable arguments, good examples as well as trusted literature sources and references to respected periodicals and expert names. It looks like a negligible detail when you write a text but impresses a person reading an essay later.


Essay writing essentials


Essentials for Genres

The essay genre defines a style.


For this kind, public and fictional styles will suit the most. If you want, adding scientific elements is good here as well.


The fictional style is the most suitable one for this genre.


The public style is better for such an essay more than other ones.


Public and fictional styles will suit here again.


It is more private writing, so fictional and public styles are right.

Now, let’s review essential structure elements an essay should contain.

Essential Writing Parts

  • Introduction. It is better to pay attention to the problem (topic) stated in the title here.
  • Main Body: write it according to the “thesis-argument” principle. It is better if 2-3 facts are mentioned.
  • Conclusion. One of the writing rules in essays is their simplicity allowing expressing thoughts freely. Use this feature but don’t lose the complete shape any text should have.

Essentials to Avoid in Writing Essays

Eloquence is good, but don’t forget that the discussed literature genre is laconic in its basis. So, avoid using complex sentences difficult to understand them. Don’t write a lot of “water”: it is better to write less than to fill empty spaces with senseless phrases. Additionally, try not to overload your text with lengthy introductions. Be precise and know the limits. It is also right to check the writing several times: unnoted and uncorrected mistakes will spoil the reader’s impression seriously.

To Conclude

So, what’s essential in writing perfect essays? To write it, you should be laconic and consequent, to use arguments you can prove. Details can decorate anything, so don’t be too shy to mention facts you know. Choose the most suitable writing style and genre.

If to keep up with these tips, then you get a complete text which your readers will like as a result.

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