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How to Become Popular in Campus for Students

Popularity is a thing desired by everyone, especially students in campus. When students are at universities, it’s normal that they want to become popular and even famous as it performs a substantive role for them.

To become popular in campus is the dream of every student (mostly, girls-freshmen). However, to become that one, a person has to work really hard on their popularity. There exist numerous books, manuals, newspapers, and magazines where some couches give tips to become extremely popular and obvious reasons why students need it (students may even buy essay concerning that if they believe that exclusive info on popularity may be found there).

This very essay contains tips that will get useful for those students who desire to become popular in campus.

Perfect Appearance to Become Popular in Campus


Student becomes popular



The first tip sounds like “Mind your appearance!” Ideal appearance (great haircut, stylish clothes, incredible perfume, etc.) is of extreme importance for students to become popular in campus. This time, the common rule “Fine dress helps to impress” really works out. So, if you are a student who receives study allowance or work, don’t ignore good shopping.


If you are not sure about whether you have the sense of taste, ask your course mate about their support concerning that (by the way, a wonderful chance of making friends as some common occupation brings people closer concerning each other) or find your personal buyer. You will receive dividends very soon.

For a person to become popular in campus, they should be ideal in every aspect: make up, manicure, hair, etc. You will become popular due resulting from “like-a-Hollywood-celebrity” look as people like discussing other’s appearance and follow their gorgeously fashionable looks (students in campus are not an exception). Just follow this tip and you will see the exciting result!

Unusual Hobby to Attract Attention and Become Popular in Campus

This tip for students refers to what your inner state is (i.e., your personality or individuality). To become popular among other people in campus, create an interesting and unordinary hobby for you. It should be something that makes you extremely different from other people in campus. Hobby options are really numerous: blogging, photography, design, architecture, sewing, event-making, kizomba classes, etc.

Share your hobby with other students and impress them! There is no doubt that it will positively affect your popularity in campus. Creativity inspires people and those ones who display creativity, involve others and win popularity. Everybody admires such people.

Be Charismatic to Become Popular in Campus

What is a charismatic student? Being charismatic means possessing some individual trait concerning their character that isn’t found in someone’s other character. Charisma is defined as a specific manner of behavior that literally enchants others. An example of charisma is an excellent sense of humor, the ability to tell stories showing sincere emotions, thus enchanting listeners.

Most probably, if students follow this tip, they become popular in campus automatically. If students have excellent oratory skills, it will become easy for them to make new acquaintance as everyone likes people who have something interesting to tell others.

If students want to become popular, they should train their story-telling skill. It is easily gained by regular reading of the latest editions of books, magazines, blogs, etc. Find some topic that you admire most of all and try to discover everything about that as much as possible. Become an expert and share your knowledge with other students in campus.

As a rule, charismatic students are considered those who possess leadership skills. In any case, do not merge with “gray mass”. Show yourself the initiative by offering interesting as well as non-standard solutions. For instance, if you are going to organize a party with group mates your task is to make some extraordinary suggestions as to which entertainment place you would like to select.

This is a good tip but don’t treat it wrong. The point is there is no need to command and behave too obtrusive. Get ready to take into account the point of view of your group mates and show tact.

Charismatic students with leadership skills perfectly lead others and mind that this is the right way to become popular among other students in campus.

Become Popular in Campus due to Friendly Behavior


Friendly student becomes popular



While studying at university, it’s impossible to be well-liked by all the students in campus. Nevertheless, a great tip for students is to do their best to maintain with other students if not friendly, then hail-fellow relations. For this, students should spend more free time with group mates: go in for parties, visit modern architectural exhibitions, go shopping, etc.


If someone asks a “friendly” guy for help, they always make efforts. Following this tip automatically raises their popularity in campus. However, students should not behave like a yes man, therefore, they lose the respect of others.

A popular student has a large circle of acquaintances. To do this, get acquainted with students more often, and add new friends on social networks (find tips on Instagram, Facebook).

Popular students are bright personalities but not calm and tongue-tied guys. Consider this tip: being somewhere with your group mates, nourish the cheerful atmosphere by means of funny stories, interesting commentary concerning what’s going on. Never interrupt others and talk someone's head off. In this case, being a popular guy means behaving friendly but stop short at officiousness.

If you have the opportunity of chatting with another student in campus, feel sure and ask this student what’s new has happened in their life to show your sincere interest (by the way, following this tip automatically makes you attractive to another person and creates the reputation of a great interlocutor).

Follow this tip but remember that while communicating with a person they should not share absolutely all the information concerning private life because excessive openness may negatively affect your popularity in campus (gossip, lies, etc.).

Become a Popular Student-Expert

All students without exceptions are gurus at some subjects in campus. This tip presupposes using this for their benefit. To become a popular student-expert is a grandiose method of gaining popularity when you will act like a professional concerning a particular subject in campus. For example, if a person is good at physics or some other academic discipline, they may advise group mates or other students on various issues regarding the subject.

Thus, a certain group of students will form around you, who will know and share this info with others that some guy or girl is a student-expert in physics in campus. You will become popular and gain the reputation of a professional in your field. Students will ask you for useful tips or assist while preparing for complicated exams or their course papers as you have the reputation of a popular student-expert who perfectly knows many useful things.

Participate in Events in Campus to Become Popular


Popular student partying



The more students are seen (including teachers, group mates, and other students), the more likely they will get remembered, and this is the key step (tip) towards gaining popularity in campus.


If a person is a regular participant in various events (conferences, theatrical performances, concerts, parties to St. Valentine's Day and Halloween, etc.), people around notice it very quickly and remember (of course, if the person behaved in a favorable light).

An additional tip may sound like “Not only take part in some event as a guest but perform the role of organizer or their assistant.” Become the generator of creativity and wonderful ideas to make an event the best ever. It’s not a great secret that such students are highly appreciated in campus. That’s why they quickly become popular and “reap the rewards of prosperity”.

All above-mentioned tips are the most effective when students who are eager to become popular in campus use a full set of those tips. Some positive result may not come at once. Here works a good proverb: “Constant dropping wears away a stone.” Be sincere and firm about your desire (mind all tips) to become popular and you’ll achieve the goal.

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