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How to List Relevant Coursework on Resume

 Normally, students don’t have much job experience to list it on a resume. When reviewing such candidates, potential employers take into account that status and age. Still, if you have the possibility to list relevant coursework on your resume, you should definitely use that option. Through it, hiring managers will understand what skills you have and plan to develop. As writing service experts know, it works for both internships and job positions.  


Relevant resume list


What is Relevant Coursework?

The phrase "relevant coursework" means an optional section of the resume including the information on coursework you have completed with the topic directly relating to the job you are trying to get. Besides, you can mention in this field all of your academic achievements, scientific projects, volunteering initiatives, extracurricular activities, etc.

In case you are a graduate or a student, that info on a resume is an excellent choice to show your competence. It will work even if you have no real job experience yet.

Still, you’d better choose wisely. In case you already can offer over one year of labor market presence, the relevant coursework section on a resume might not be your thing. Workers having something to show should concentrate on that experience and goals they reached. 

Also, the mentioned section might be unnecessary when it will not influence the process of hiring. For instance, you don’t have to include relevant coursework on your resume when applying for a vacancy of a bar worker, a cashier, or a waiter. There, previously gained experience and technical skills should become a priority. 

In case your planned vacancy supposes you to have some academic experience (internship, specialized courses, etc.) or other position concentrated on education, think about including a section with relevant coursework on a resume.

Check the job description attentively to know precisely what the employer wants to get from the candidate. Those searching a particular diploma, degree, portfolio, GPA or certificates will most likely be happy to see coursework on your resume.

How to List it?

There are several different ways to choose when you decide to include that data on your resume. The most common and useful formats to deliver the information to the employer are single-column, double-column, and extended format.

Single-Column Format

This format of data structure is likely to the standard resume section (education, job experience, etc. It is merely the list containing the relevant data. For instance, an applicant for the political sciences job should write something like this: 

Relevant Political Science Coursework
Ethics in Politics
Global Politics
Top Policy University Newspaper, Writer

Multi-Column Format

Grouping the columns into separate sections is a great choice when you need to present experience from multiple educational fields. For example, when the employer wants to get a candidate knowing French, it is fine to go this way:

Relevant Political Science Coursework


Political Science
Ethics in Politics
Global Politics
Top Policy University Newspaper, Writer

Creative Writing
Documentary Assistance Internship
Oral Communications


Extended Format

The extended format is excellent to list more information about the courses you decided to show. It is more similar to the professional resume part and includes the name of a school and the course, and dates of taking the course. Additionally, the extended relevant coursework list contains two to four notes telling about what you’ve learned and achieved during the course.

The extended relevant coursework list sample is below.  

Relevant Political Science Coursework

Ethics in Politics, Top Policy University, Noman’s Land
Fall 2017–present

  • Learn the principles of political ethics and understand the main values
  • Develop an understanding of the process and rational decision-making skills when a problem with political ethics appears

Global Politics, Top Policy University, Noman’s Land
Fall 2017–present

  • Study main principles of bringing effective politics at a global scale
  • Practical studying course at the UN Headquarters, won honorable mention

Writer, Top Policy University Newspaper, Noman’s Land
Spring 2018

  • Wrote over 30 articles on political topics for the local university newspaper
  • Won the Best Writer’s reward from the Noman’s Land Political Sciences Association

One more choice you should make to list relevant coursework on a resume is where to place the section itself. The decision depends on the role you want to give it. In case you think it would rather become a helpful attachment than something vital, it is nothing bad to place it below the education information.


Student relevant coursework


On the other hand, if the relevant coursework is the primary evidence of the experience you have, you should think of raising it to the top or even the “main” resume section replacing the professional achievements part with it. In that case, the extended format of the list is your best choice.

Relevant coursework on a student resume is a beneficial thing to message the employer about the value you can add to their team. When thinking on the information to list, stay focused on the vacancy description. The info given there will message you what an employer wants to get. So, it will let you decide what to write about and where to put the appropriate section on the resume. 

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