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How to Make Money in College

The answer to the question “How to make money while you are in college?” has become essential as never before. This article will try to help you to cope with the issue guiding you to a great career and restless college. So, you are a motivated, hard-working, and ambitious student who has been looking for ways to pay off a loan, save for the future or support a recently developed idea of starting a new online shop. Where should you start? Should you try to juggle classes and a job? Although it is not easy questions to answer, and every case is unique, professional writers from can help you to untie this knot by providing clear guidance on how to make money in college.


Making money while in college


Vital Tips on Making Money While You Are in College

Combination of college and work has become an omnipresent practice. Regardless of your goals (pay for accommodation, have pocket money or find side hustle), it is crucial to succeed in your college life and job equally. Moreover, making money should not disturb education but become an efficient addition to it. However, if you are looking for ways to make some extra dollars while studying, take your time, and do not be in a hurry to sell your cellphone. To mix business with pleasure, make money in college while you are in college, and find an appropriate job for your future career, just follow these little tips.

Tip 1. Plan and Prioritize

Make a list of the most urgent college tasks and define how much time you should spend on each of them to keep up with classes and follow the deadlines. In such a simple way, you will understand the period of time (morning or evening, day of the week or even months) when you have enough free time to devote yourself to work outside the college walls. Moreover, with a plan at your hands, you will have a sense of control and self-confidence.

Scheduling your time and prioritizing your assignments is a great way to learn the skill of management (that you can add to the CV later). When you have a system, it will be more than just easy to combine college and job.

Tip 2. Mind the Distance

Location is another point to consider when you are choosing a job. You do not want to spend a lot of time and energy just to get to the office that is across the town. Therefore, either find work nearby your college/home or opt for an online job which does not require your permanent presence. To be honest, if we had to answer “How to make money in college” question just in one word, we would say: “Online”.

The online market is full of chances for a student, starting with outsourcing and up to freelance writing and grants for startups.

Tip 3. What If You Just Can’t Find a Job?

Look for a job for a long-term perspective, not just for a time when you are in college. It is an opportunity to audit your experience and skills. The other thing is your resume. Let us say you have correctly reflected your experience in the CV, correctly written a covering letter, monitored the vacancies, and are ready for the interview. But in the current situation, this may not be enough. It is beneficial to think about what other industries your skills can be useful in.

For instance, if you are studying economy, knowledge of the finance industry and experience in Excel are applicable in planning – for example, the digital field. If you know the sphere of procurement, the experience of searching and working with suppliers, drawing up contracts could be applied to an event agency. Continue to monitor vacancies regularly, but also you should take time to develop your skills and study other industries while in college (minor is a great option for this).

Tip 4. Have the Job-hunting Strategy

Who said that job applications and job boards are the only way to find work and make money while you are in college? It is 2019 we live in. There are more effective ways like networking. So, while studying, consider attending conferences, being a guest speaker at local events, publishing articles or blogs. Ask to be mentored by others as well. All these are ways to be able to network with others and reach out to people who know how to make money.

Companies receive thousands of resume every day, and there is no guarantee they will come across yours. So, spend 80% of your job-hunting networking and 20% applying for a job.

Where to Work While You Are Studying? Job Options


Online jobs


We have already mentioned that the online job is a perfect option for a student that has a lot of things to do besides a side gig. But “online” is quite a blurry definition for work. So, let us present you the best job options which do not require a degree or huge work experience but offer an approximate income.

1. Tutor

Share what you know best and get about $20 per hour. Tutoring young student is an excellent option for you and your pocket. First of all, the best way to learn is to teach. Secondly, by being a tutor, you can earn extra money and remain within the boundaries of studying. Thirdly, it is the job with a flexible schedule, so you can work whenever you want from wherever you want.

There are hundreds of thousands of web sites which will help you to get the job of a tutor. For example, Chegg tutor.

2. Start Your Money-making Blog or YouTube Channel

Take advantage of modern technologies and social media. It is hard to argue that Instagram is more about business rather than amazing photos. Experience has shown that you do not have to be a journalism student to create an account and write about travel, food, personal finance or woodworking. Just pick a niche and try one of the top ways to make money while you are in college. You might ask: “How can I get money from creating my blog”, “Advertising” is our answer. A personal blog is an excellent way to showcase your expertise in a subject matter and make money as a student. So, if you are an engineering student, you can write about what you have learned in class and include some of your personal research and theories.

Moreover, if you are a creative person or a student of the Department of design, the Instagram account can be a great platform to sell DIY projects like hand-made wedding cards, toys for children or creative T-shirts with cool phrases.

3. Freelance Writer

A student can become a freelance writer literally in any field and any industry. There are so many options out there for a student that wants to make money while in college: SEO writing, content writing, B2B writing, or copywriting. All you have to do is to understand what skill you already have, choose a niche, and concentrate on a target client. Such web sites as Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer will help you to earn extra money for tuition, accommodation or a new skirt from Chanel.

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