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How to Travel the World Cheap. Our Tips for College Students

Do you need a break from endless classes and are looking for ways to travel cheap as a college student? Luckily, there are options other than hotel rooms, restaurants, and $1000 round-trip tickets. Believe us, it does not take a big budget to travel even internationally. You can afford that flight from the U.S. to Europe even if you are a college student!

So, are you ready for the travel that will change your life in every aspect? If tons of assignments are the only thing between you and traveling, buy cheap essay online to solve the problem once and for always and read on to understand that whatever budget you have right now is enough!

How to Travel the World Cheap? As a College Student, Start with Road Trips

How to travel the world cheap

Road trips are a great way to start traveling as a college student. If you do not have a car or your vehicle is not big or reliable enough to last for several hours, consider a rental. Sometimes it may even be cheaper to rent a car instead of using your own. We know you have heard about the websites for booking cheap travel like,, Travelocity. Well, all of them have good deals on rental cars as well. There is another option for cheap road travels, and that is RV shares. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

To lower sleeping costs and to make even a long-term road trip super cheap, use a car as a place to sleep. The researchers have shown that accommodation is your next major cost aside from food. So, why don't you save about $300? Moreover, a rental car gives you a chance to sleep everywhere whether it is a secluded beach in Florida, daisy field in Georgia or a desert in Arizona.

Plan in Advance as Far as Possible to Travel Cheap

If you are a college student, you know the value of research for a great paper. But when it comes to traveling cheap, planning plays the same role. If you know you want to go to Spain sometime next year, watch flight prices as soon as you are sure so that you can see when it is the cheapest to fly. We highly recommend getting the application “Skyscanner” and turning on price updates. It will save you hundreds of dollars on a flight.

According to the researches, 54 days before your travel is the best and the cheapest time to buy a flight. The next tip is to consider flying indirectly. If you want to take a long-distance trip from Italy to Iceland, the flight from Warsaw will be much cheaper.

Cheap Accommodation

When they say “stay in the cheapest places possible”, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Believe it or not, hostels are not always the cheapest and the most suitable option. Obviously, you want to be safe, so use your best judgment here. In the notoriously safer countries, try Couchsurfing, check the cheapest “Airbnb” options and compare them to hostels. Usually, there is a kitchen involved, and you can actually save a lot of money on food. Another little trick for cheap trips is to travel with someone. Most Airbnbs are set up for at least two people. So, that $60 per night just became $30. This also comes into play when buying groceries.

A little piece of advice – if you travel to Europe and can book a hotel, try to find the one which offers free breakfast. It may not seem like a big deal at a first glance, but it will save you around $250 for 7-days trip.

To Travel Cheap, Take Advantage of Being a Student

Cheap travel

Having an International Student Identity Card can also offer you tons of savings on travel. If we are talking on the subject of travel in Europe, for example, ACPRail International offers a $10 discount on top of their youth savings of 35% for travelers aged 12 to 27. Using this card, a college student can have access to over 150,000 discounts.

Walk When You Can to Travel Cheap

Do not walk too much and exhaust yourself just trying to save a few bucks, but walk as often as you can. Always be aware of your transportation options and pick the one that you are most comfortable with without breaking the bank!

A Few More Travel Tricks

Go in the off-season. It changes depending on the location. In most places, it is during the winter (typically September/October - March/April), but for cruises to islands it is during hurricane season (typically June – November), so you just have to research what the weather is like.

Do not be afraid to treat yourself at some point. You can't just go-go-go for weeks without rest. Sleep in when you can, have one day to just hang out. Stay at a hotel once or twice. Go to a nice lunch. These random intervals of self-care last a long time by boosting your mental health. Otherwise, you could potentially just put yourself in a funk, and that is going to ruin your travel.

Finally, go with your gut. You have to think about what your mind and body are capable of. Should you be rushing to your next destination or can you take a casual train ride to get there? Can you handle sleeping on a stranger’s couch or would you prefer an Airbnb? Is the cheapest country for you to go to next safe? Do you really need that extra food item for hunger or for comfort? Think about the long term, and remember that everything adds up.

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