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How to Write a Resume for Your First Job

The first job is an extremely important venture for any ambitious student. So, it’s necessary to treat your first CV with maximum seriousness and responsibility.

How to Write a Resume for the First Time

Writing a CV

Keep in mind that you should make maximum efforts for the resume to look as much “expensive” as possible. Recruiters are interested solely in an ideal resume. It should include personal skills, the greatest achievements in work (in our case, during traineeships and voluntary practices) and the perfect explanation why you are the only one candidate preferable to get this position. A hint to have a really ideal CV is when recruiters desire reading it again and again.

Of course, if you are not sure about your CV creating skill, visit where some experts will provide you with the best tips on how to write a resume.

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs daily. It’s quite natural they have no time to read a CV from the beginning till its end. They look through it very quickly hoping to find out something really catchy.

The first things coming to their mind are considered as:

  • photo;
  • education;
  • experience;
  • top skills.

Every CV to receive a definite position gains a certain number of points according to those parameters and there wins the resume which receives the biggest number of scores.

Absence of some formal job experience is not a verdict. A perfect basis for an “unripe” resume may be created due to some traineeships and voluntary programs. But be very attentive and self-criticizing while choosing which achievement to write in your first resume. As an example, if you possess the title “The fastest eater of hamburgers” that’s better to keep it in a great secret from your potential employer.

“Decorate” Your CV

Voluntary practice doesn’t guarantee success but it serves as a good chance of winning. Especially if you write your first resume to be read by HR managers of an international company. Assisted with an organizational committee of a science conference? Perfect! Tidied up the territory of the national park? Wonderful! Note that a social activity is always a bonus to enrich your very first resume with experience. That’s a great plus that will help HR specialists to put your resume to a correct place on recruiter’s table.

However, never try to “decorate” your resume with too much voluntary experience and traineeships in order to appeal to your potential employer as all your lies may be revealed very easily by experienced recruiters. Try to be fair; the ability to tell the truth is highly appreciated and will definitely give you additional points among other candidates.

“Antisocial” candidates may allure HR specialists by other things. So, it’s time to think about your practical skills, in other words, hard skills. If you are the guru of Adobe Photoshop or have huge practice to write translations into Chinese, those things should definitely take place in your first resume. Such thing is never redundant in any case.

Again, HR specialist has never met you but they observe resume clichés daily.

If you still desire writing “communicative, confident user of PC/cloud environment and learn quickly” or something of that kind, then write: “In a company of strangers, I quickly find a common language with them; perfect user of Google Drive and passed CorelDraw course”.

When you ask yourself “How to write a resume with no experience?” the answer sounds as follows. Your resume should stand out against the background of others with the help of some creative design or some info on some voluntary experience at some hospital or other places.

How to Write a CV: Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

When you write in Google search line “Ok, help me write a resume!” definitely you will find the phrase “motivation letter”. This is the obligatory condition to create a real masterpiece. Follow this structure:

•Who am I?

• What was my contribution during traineeships?

• What can I bring to the target company?

• Why do I desire to work here?

• What can I propose to improve this very business?

Sincerity, literacy, and individual approach are defined as the top three conditions to write a really informative motivation letter. Such a letter should reflect your identity. That’s why you should write it ignoring the common formats but the words should come out of your “soul”.

The majority of HR managers, when consulting on how to write a good CV, propose to write a motivation letter in the way that presupposes the substitution of some value judgments to some stories from your life. Instead of an abstract phrase “I have perfect organizational skills” write about your experience when you performed as a leader (organizer) of a student conference.

Such fact that you chose necessary equipment alone, managed the university bureaucracy and found the participants to take part in a conference will tell about you much more than a standard list of positive qualities from the Internet.

Don’t be afraid to confess the fact you are not quite good at some things. That’s normal, especially when a student just graduated from the university. If you don’t correspond to all requirements of some desired vacancy, don’t give up. You can claim a vacancy but, in this case, you will have to explain methods you overcome some discrepancies. For example, “Unfortunately, I have no experience with Adobe Photoshop, but I worked with PixBuilder Studio, so I will master this program as soon as possible.”

To make HR specialists’ life easier, read your motivation letter one more time and delete those fragments that don’t hold any key info about your experience and skills. You should write your experience with SAP, but put away the info about your excellent marks in Math.

Remember that your motivation letter should be adapted to every receiver, even if you write and send your resume to more than three companies and be very attentive when applying “copy-paste” function. As an example, when Samsung company receives a letter “Dear Hewlett-Packard”, that is a real epic fail.

Preferable Style and Design of Resume

Use the font sizes Calibri 11 or Arial 10. Highlight some main sections in bold, do not add any tables, apply labeled lists, and reduce links. Note that the ideal size of text is approximately 2 pages, and your photo should not fall into the eye (take a photo on a calm background).

Top Apps How to Write an Ideal CV

What to do if you desire to attract attention of your potential employer, but you don’t have any experience and the university you graduated from is not Harvard University level? Make an unusual design of the CV! That’s not the key to success but, without doubts, it will mark you among other candidates. IT technologies will come in hand to succeed in that. It’s time to get to know how to write really bright CV with the help of free online services.

  • Kickresume. That’s an online tool easy in use which provides you with a huge number of really fantastic CV samples. Its individuality is maintained by an ability to get an online consultation with the editors of the site. These people not only correct grammatical mistakes and check the word order but also control readability of a resume in general;
  • Pathribe. This app is mostly oriented for those who are searching for work for the first time. This service allows a user to write their skills in a form of collage that may be easily updated any time. It has a function to create own page where one receives a possibility to post one’s certificates, photos, etc.;
  • is defined as online service that allows creation and visualization of significant career achievements using a set of graphic elements. It will come in hand for those who have LinkedIn profile as its data are automatically published on The key accent is put on biography and experience. One more useful option is one may add favorite quotations to CV;
  • CVmaker. Online resume and fascinating graphics is a great additional thing to usual resume. This tool proposes six free samples. Files may be saved in PDF, txt, and HTML formats.

Creative Ideas How to Write a Resume

People whose grandiose CV experience is reflected below are worth the greatest reward and the title “Guru of Creativity.” Their extraordinary vision of an ideal way to get the job of their dream is beyond any compliments.

  • A well-known designer Charlotte Olsen designed her CV on some chocolate cover. She put a “gold ticket” inside every pack of chocolate. This ticket guaranteed 10% discount to use her services. This creative approach wasn’t left without attention of HR manager and later Charlotte received her job offer.
  • PC game for HR department. Creative genius Robbie Leonardi created his resume in a form of an interesting PC game. After every new level HR manager got to know about a new skill or job experience of Leonardi. That’s not a surprise Robbie received the job!

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