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How to Write a Dissertation. Quick Guide for Students

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Some people consider a dissertation as a work of their life. The truth is, it is, indeed, a hard and long way to not only start and write a dissertation but get the job done in the end. The very first stage you face when thinking of how to write a good dissertation consists of two basic questions: why and how? Unfortunately for those who start with the question why writing a dissertation is still a way too far from them. The reason is simple yet meaningful to complete a dissertation you will need a strong motivation, which will support you on your way. They say, only two students out of ten could follow through it. It is hard to find time and energy sometimes, thus some students prefer to seek help from a professional dissertation writing service.

For most students, the main reasons to write a dissertation are quite common. These are either attaining new job position, thus, receiving a higher income, or meeting your professional ambitions. Finally, the reason to write a dissertation could be an aspiration to gain high approval within a scientific community.

Once you find your own reason to write a dissertation, it is time to move forward and ask yourself the question - How?

How to Write a Dissertation: Introduction

A dissertation is a substantial study presented in a written form. When thinking of how to start a dissertation, the main problem sometimes lies in a research, which is a mandatory part of each dissertation, since a solid research is not always easy to be held, while it is possible to write a dissertation in any field, starting from IT and scholarly to literature and philosophy. When writing a dissertation, you should measure your investments, such as time and effort, and the result you will receive at the end. In other words, pay more attention to those parts which will be examined most carefully. These are:

  • Introduction
  • Scientific novelty
  • Thesis to the defense
  • List of your publications and works
  • Opponents

The significant characteristic of the dissertation is its novelty as a result of serious independent work, thus there is no way one could simply copy pieces of someone else’s text. Besides, a dissertation is not only created with a specific purpose but also bears a scientific value.

What to include in a dissertation and which parts are obligatory? When you have decided on the subject of your research, the structure of a dissertation becomes obvious. You have to disclose the matter thus divide it into paragraphs. You will be collecting questions and answers in order to extend and elaborate the subject of your research. Even though your first plan will be changed and refined in the process, this basic plan is a fundamental for your future dissertation.

Getting back to the structure of a dissertation, it usually consists of the introduction, main chapters, conclusion, and a reference list. Preferably stick to the scheme one specific aim responses to exact chapter. Each chapter has to disclose present the content of the research object of the dissertation and the nature of the subject of the study.

Dissertation Tips: How to Write a Good Dissertation

Dissertation speech

There is a great number of useful dissertation writing tips to help students to ease the process. We have collected the most effective tips about how to write a good dissertation.

  1. Writing means to apply to physical and intellectual resources, thus it is important not to waste them. First and foremost, choose the theme carefully. Don’t spend your time working either on a narrow or a very specific subject of a dissertation. Besides, your main purpose should be specific. For instance, compare dairy products sales around the town (and imagine how much data will you have to collect in order to disclose the subject) with dairy products sales in a specific market within a chosen period of time. Obviously, the second one will lead you to a solution of how to write a dissertation successfully.
  2. Use your own experience as a foundation to write some parts of your dissertation. Your opponents will do their best to find out the weaknesses of the dissertation, as well as demonstrate its defects. What’s more, there are experts who know much more than you in any possible sphere. But when it comes to your personal experience, it becomes undeniable and valuable.
  3. In addition to a plan, create a work schedule in order to write a good dissertation. You have to know exactly what will you perform at each stage of work. Its strict following will help you keep track of time and reduce illusions regarding the parts of dissertation already done and the parts yet to be written.
  4. Avoid extensive quotations to write a good dissertation. It is acceptable only in two cases: original text is written so good that there is no way you could rewrite it in your own words, or, alternatively, quoted text will be used as a basis for critics.
  5. Preferably write a dissertation at mornings, never at nights. Keep your thoughts and mind focused and refreshed.
  6. Split the work equally and stick to the plan. Start with 1000 words per week and keep on writing the dissertation in accordance with this scheme. What’s more, it is better to take a break after you finish a piece or even a whole chapter. Once you restore your energy, you can proceed and write the next section of a dissertation.
  7. Fix any ideas, questions, comments, new concepts. Save drafts and never erase anything, even if the original plan of the dissertation has been transformed. Consider these materials as an additional source of your future inspiration.
  8. The most common difficulty is to draw the scientific novelty of a dissertation. To help resolve the issue, stick to the scheme: given the idea you advocate; which differs specific of the approach proposed; leads to benefits.
  9. Be honest when comparing your new methods and approaches to those already existed in your dissertation. Reviewing well-known mechanisms is not enough to show the unique and cutting-edge side of your own research. You have to answer a simple question and write it down in your dissertation why is your method better and more efficient in comparison to the one we used to making resort to.
  10. Most people start writing quickly/hastily when an inspiration comes to them. When reviewed at first, you might feel that the text is at least genius. However, if you read it the next day, the feeling may change dramatically it might appear to be awful and you will get stuck editing your dissertation endlessly. Which feeling is right then? None of them, basically. Nevertheless, you should always leave some space for self-criticism, keep a healthy balance to write a good dissertation.

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