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Informal Letter: Format and How to Write

The text you are about to read will show you how to format an informal letter. Tips by the best online writers let you know how to format its parts the address, date, body, and signature). Read the article to find out what an informal letter is and ways to format it with no problem.


Informal letter format


What is the Formal and Informal Letter Format?

Formal Letter

Formal letter format carries the professional tone, carefully chosen words, and polite expressions to reach any official goal. Unlike the informal format texts, formal letters are strict, without friendly tones or any humor. 

Informal Letter

The informal letter means a text addressed and stylized personally. It is the one you write for friends, relatives, or any person with whom you are in an informal (non-professional) relationship. Still, it is possible to write an informal letter to a business partner who is your friend as well. Different approaches can be used to write and format an informal letter, which depends on the country you are in. The text below shows how to write and format informal letters in English or American ways.

How to Format an Informal Letter


The very first thing for you to write in an informal letter is your personal address. It should be placed at the top-right corner of the page. You don't always know if the recipient has the address in case they want to send a reply. If you send the envelope to the other country, mention your residence country as well.


965 Jefferson Str.

Dallas, TX 75182

United States

The Date Format

Usually, it is fine to place the date below the address. In most cases, the month, day, and year information should be included. Sometimes, it is enough to write the month and the day. In English, you should always capitalize the name of a month. But specific format differences are between American and British English versions.

Here is the table with samples. Check it and see how to format dates in an informal letter.


British English

American English


24th April 2019

April 24th, 2019


24 April 2019

April 24, 2019




Informal Letter Writing in the Correct Format

When writing informally, you can choose any form and way to express your thoughts and deliver information to recipients. But some organizational tips are there for you to keep up with. In case you are not sure how to format an informal letter, the ideal text of that type has three elements:

  1. Opening
  2. Body
  3. Closing

We don't list the standard ending part of informal letters here. It is the signature consisting of nothing but a farewell phrase and the sender's name. Let's review the main components of the informal letter in details.


To begin the letter, address a person who should read it.

This part of the informal letter format does not have that critical importance which it could do in a formal or business text. To address someone correctly, try remembering the following things:

At first, there is a period after abbreviated titles in American English. In British English, it is not used.

  • Mr. Frost (American English)
  • Mr Frost (British English)

At second, know how to address married and non-married women.

  • Mrs. Frost is the wife of Mr. Frost
  • Ms. Johnson and her boyfriend plan to marry in Autumn

The use of titles depends on the level of your relationship with the informal letter recipient. In case they are a good friend of yours, it is enough to use their first name. It is your call how you greet the receiver. Some usual salutations are on the list below:

  • Dear Jack,
  • Jack,
  • Hello Jack,

Do not forget to separate the greeting with the comma.

Opening Phrase Samples

At last, there is a part for you to write what you want. In case you are confused about how to start the informal letter, use examples of sentences shown below. Informal letters look okay with casual openings. There is no need to be official. It is not a formal or professional text.

  • How are you?
  • How are the kids?
  • How is life?
  • I hope you everything is fine with you (and your family).


Writing informal letter


Informal Letter Body

An informal letter is the one carrying a friendly and personal message in the appropriate tone of language. Still, you should adjust the style to the recipient. The tip on adjustment: try to imagine your real-life conversation with a person intended to read the letter.

Things to Include:

  • Your writing reason
  • Write more about things mentioned in the first paragraph
  • Ask questions about what you would like to hear from the recipient
  • Summarize things
  • Say that you expect them to answer the letter

The Closing Format

In informal letters, closings usually contain conclusions and goodbye messages. Here below are some samples. If you feel stuck with the end, check the list and choose the suitable phrase

Examples of Closing Sentences

  • I can't wait to meet you in person.
  • Send my love to...
  • I hope to receive your answer soon.
  • I hope you are doing well.

The Informal Letter Signature Format

The signature is your call as well, and the letter writer has lots of options here. To maintain an informal and friendly tone of the letter, you could use one of the phrases from the list below. Sign with your name after choosing the suitable signature format

Signature Samples

  • Best regards,
  • Truly yours,
  • Your friend,
  • Love you,
  • Yours kindly.

To Conclude

As you can see, it is not too difficult to write and format an informal letter. As its author, you have the right to include any information in it, and to express your thoughts in the way you find the most appropriate. However, it's required to take into account the personality of your reader and to choose suitable language depending on the level of your mutual relationships.


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