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Narrative Essay Topics That Your Teacher Will Like

When looking for good narrative essay topics, you certainly try to find the exact one your teacher will like. Still, there’s one thing we need you to know before you desperately give that “write my essay” task to our specialists. Here it is: students regularly just think too much.

Narrative essay topics

You know what we mean, don’t you? You start trying to choose the best possible narrative essay topics and obligatory find something negative in whatever comes to your mind. Here are your thoughts:

  • “That’s banal!”
  • “This thing is not interesting!”
  • “It’s just dumb!”
  • “Nobody would want to read about such cases!”
  • And so on.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If it does, then here is our first tip on good narrative essay topics: you are wrong.

Why? Let’s start from the very basis and then find the answer together.

How to Write a Narrative Essay

If you started choosing narrative essay topics for college, then you might already know how this type of essays has to be written. But still, let’s go through special features of narrative essays once again.

A narrative essay is a text telling about your experience. It touches your real, personal life case. Still, you’ll be wrong if start thinking of it as of an average night time story. Narrative essays are deeper, they dig to the point. Good narrative essay topics let you write about some personal experience while keeping to the special context: for instance, a conclusion, a lesson you had learned from the situation and knowledge you’ve got.

When it comes to choosing topics for a narrative essay, think not just about entertaining your potential readers, but about teaching them through showing your viewpoint through the actual and relevant event, a case that really happened.

So, your teacher told you to create a narrative essay, and here are some useful recommendations for you to find the topic.

Choosing good narrative essay topics Writing

It is especially important to find an intriguing topic. The best way to do that is to consider short story ideas. Review your actual experience and life knowledge, remind yourself about some events that served as turning points for your personal growth, development, success, features of character, your ideas and plans: this all contains a great background for your narrative essay story to be interesting.

NB: Do not lose the main feature of a narrative essay! Once again: it should teach your readers some things, serve as a kind of instruction if you want.

Some useful tricks to generate good narrative essay topics have already been mentioned. In case you still do not have an idea what to write your essay about, there is a bunch of additional ways for you to choose:

  • You can go in for a friendly brainstorm: gather your close friends and/or relatives together, and think over your experience with them to find best narrative essay topics for yourself.
  • Internet surfing actually works here, too. Just find some inspirational sources in the web before starting to write your narrative essay.
  • And here is our final argument: the list of good narrative essay topics your teacher will like for sure.  

Narrative essay topic list

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Time travelling: what I’d do if I could go back or forward in time.
  2. Alternative history narrative: which event in the world history I’d like to change if I could?
  3. The scariest thing that ever happened to me (so far).
  4. The greatest anxiety experience I had.
  5. A thing I would protect at all costs.
  6. Personality topic: what would I like to change about myself?
  7. My way to generate a good narrative essay topic (yes, this suits as well).
  8. How I would spend three (four, five) billion dollars.
  9. The thing I find the most beautiful.
  10.  The sound I find the most pleasant.
  11.  New school: How I spent my first week there.
  12.  How I made friends with a good person.
  13.  How I lost a friend of mine.
  14.  What my first job was.
  15.  The worst day of my life.
  16.  The best day of my life.
  17.  Things that irritate me the most.
  18.  A time when my strongest delusion disappeared.
  19.  My greatest fear and how I met it.
  20.  The way I passed through to win my fear.
  21.  My proudest achievement.
  22.  The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.
  23.  The adventure that made me change my life views.
  24.  Don’t judge the book by its cover: how I understood this phrase was true.
  25.  A case when I was a hero.
  26.  A case when I was a coward.
  27.  My past choice I would like to change.
  28.  The first month of my independent life: how it was.
  29.  The day when I succeeded.
  30.  A case when a person was better than I thought.
  31.  An unexpected kindness act I committed.
  32.  Lessons I learned from my pet.
  33.  How I wrote the A+ narrative essay.
  34.  My first relationship: how it began.
  35.  Family quarrels: a time when I insulted my father (mother, aunt, etc.).
  36.  The most unexpected life experience: things I could never imagine to happen.
  37.  The greatest risk ever accepted by me.
  38.  Reasons why I like staying alone.
  39.  The toughest choice of my life.
  40.  Challenges that I overcame.
  41.  My ways to resist heavy stress.
  42. Things I use to deal with depression feelings.
  43.  5 troubles worrying me on a daily basis.
  44.  What (who) is my source of inspiration and why.
  45.  If I could ask my favorite star anything I wish, what would my question be?
  46.  People who influenced my personality the most.
  47.  Greatest books I have ever read.
  48.  Movies that made me look onto the world differently.
  49.  Which technical device plays the most important role in my current life?
  50.  My online life and its side effects.
  51.  The day when my Internet access disappeared.
  52.  Things people can find out about me from my social media profiles.
  53.  Music narrative essay topic: singers or bands that can make me inspired.
  54.  My favorite music genre: reasons why I prefer it.
  55.  Films that motivate me the most.
  56.  The role TV has in my everyday life.
  57.  Internet and my interaction with it.
  58.  A TV-show I disliked the most.
  59.  My favorite poem and reasons why I find it the best.
  60.  Things that books taught me.
  61.  Reasons (not) to keep a personal journal or diary.
  62.  Words I hate.
  63.  How I understood grammar knowledge to be important.
  64.  The sportsman that I think to be an example for everyone.
  65.  My hobby and reasons I like it.

Narrative Essay Topics: Conclusion

These 65 topics are only some drops in the sea of possible variations you could use to complete your narrative essay assignment. We hope that you read this text carefully and understood what makes narrative essay topics for college to be relevant and interesting for your teachers and classmates.

Have a good luck, and always dare for your A+ grade!

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