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How to List Relevant Coursework on Resume

Relevant resume list


 Normally, students don’t have much job experience to list it on a resume. When reviewing such candidates, potential employers take into account that status and age. Still, if you have the possibility to list relevant coursework on your resume, you should definitely use that option. Through it, hiring managers will understand what skills you have and plan to develop.

From Essays to Books: How to Find Motivation for Writing?

Student's procrastination


Hey, you! Yes, you, reading this article. Is not there something you are supposed to be doing right now? We know, you are avoiding writing (and it does not matter whether it is a history essay or a book that you have been dying to write for so long). In most cases, it all comes down to motivation. So, how do you turn motivation into productivity? How do you stay productive all the time?

Dissertation Presentation: All the Details in One Article

Presentation of a dissertation


If you are a student, the first things that come to mind whenever you hear “dissertation presentation” are cold looks of committee members, long pauses between sentences, and the fear of saying something wrong. Why is it so? You have done seemingly a great job writing a dissertation, spend hours in libraries (okay, not in libraries, but on the Internet), read tons of articles, and sacrificed twelve dates. What else do they want?

What Is Non-Advanced Education?


Non-advanced education


The first thing we would like to mention is that the term of non-advanced education is applicable only for such countries as the United Kingdom and Scotland. To understand what it actually means, the team of experts from has to remind you of the education system in the UK. It has five essential stages.

How to Become a Writer For TV?

TV writer


It may sound ridiculous to the students who are obsessed with “Peaky Blinders,” “Friends,” and “Game of Thrones,” but if you want to become a TV writer and see the other side of your favorite show, you should watch a lot to notice the details. We are talking about not only TV series but also news and morning shows.

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