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What Is a Research Paper and How to Write It?

Research paper definition

Ask students about the hardest part of college studying and they say in one voice “Research papers”. I would add “writing research papers”. The issues begin from the very start. There are only 3 days left and you need to write a 10-page long academic work, but what is a research essay at all? How to write a research paper quickly? How to budge? Why should I write it? What is the goal of the research paper? Calm down and take a deep breath, we are going to answer all these questions.

How to Get Photographic Memory

How to get a photographic memory

I want you to think about all those times you have been told to memorize something. Throughout school, college and even at work. Sometimes our memory is awesome. For example, when you have not heard the song in years but you still know the lyrics. But let us be honest, sometimes our memory fails. For example, when you get introduced to someone, they tell you their name and then you immediately forget it. «Wait, how come I can't remember the name they have just told me? » Yes, sometimes our memory is faltering.

Thesis Format. Quick Guideline for Students

Thesis format

Whether you are working on a thesis to attain a new job position, to meet your professional ambitions, to gain high approval within a scientific community or to receive a higher income, it is obviously one of the most important research papers in your life. Thesis formatting is a complex and often chaotic process. I have been there and I know that the hardest part of it is to get the thesis done in the end.

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