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How to Write a Dissertation. Quick Guide for Students

Library Hall

Some people consider a dissertation as a work of their life. The truth is, it is, indeed, a hard and long way to not only start and write a dissertation but get the job done in the end. The very first stage you face when thinking of how to write a good dissertation consists of two basic questions: why and how? Unfortunately for those who start with the question why writing a dissertation is still a way too far from them. The reason is simple yet meaningful to complete a dissertation you will need a strong motivation, which will support you on your way. They say, only two students out of ten could follow through it.

How to Write a College Application Essay

Writing application essay

College application essay is a core part of the process of entering into the college. It is your opportunity to show your personal side, presenting a number of publications and educational achievements. There are situations when students who had quite a poor background succeeded to enter colleges of their dreams thanks to brilliant college application essays. Before you go to the Internet with the request to write my essay, check these basic college application essay tips, which can help you create an impressive essay easily.

How to Write a Research Paper? Short Guide for College Students

Research paper

Do you know that Stephen Hawking’s final research paper resolves universe paradox? Sensational, right? A research paper writing is a common practice in the American education system. As you can see, it may be an exciting activity as well. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a term paper, a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation, its value is unchallengeable. The best thing is that you can make your own contribution, too.

Best Tips on How to Focus on Homework |

How to focus on homework

As a graduate student, I know how it feels to be frustrated, overwhelmed, and lost. Welcome to the freshman year. I got used to that feeling in the sophomore year. You have so much homework to do and no idea where to start from. But when in junior year I bought the book that is called “Your brain at work”, the situation had changed entirely. In this article, I combined the views of a co-founder of the Neuroscience Center and my personal experience of how to focus better on homework. So, be sure it is going to work.

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