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Research Papers on Social Media: Tips and Topics

The very first thing research paper writers should define before giving recommendations is obvious. What exactly is a research paper?


Social media topics


A research paper is an academic writing document grounded on the original author's research regarding the special topic along with the analytical work provided on the conclusions. In addition, professors expect the research paper author to interpret the outcomes. The research paper on social media or any other topic can belong to different academic categories. It can become your term paper, a master's degree thesis, or a dissertation for a doctoral rank.

To reach the top of any deal or business, modern people need a lot more than their knowledge. The basketball, football, baseball, and all other sportsmen, willing to win the World Cup or gold medals of the Olympic Games, need to have a strong belief about themselves. A student planning to write an A+ research paper on social media must keep being positive about the process and confident about their abilities.

Still, the belief itself is a quite weak motivational thing. The understanding of why exactly you write research papers may help you get an additional boost to your confidence. Let’s answer the question to prepare you even more. 

Why Do Students Write Research Papers? 

The process of data searching is probably the most valued academic task they can ask you to perform and complete. Fortunately, the real value of that paper writing reaches far beyond the pure A+ grade one aims to get. Here below, we mentioned only several points answering why such papers are useful. When getting deeper into the topic, you definitely will find out a lot more reasons to complete those tasks carefully.

Academic Writing Experience: Conventions

Writing that paper on any topic is the “real-life” experience guiding you into the world of academic “long reads." When conducting research and transforming it into the text, you improve your documenting, citing, and formatting skills. In addition, the academic tone and style maintenance is also a skill and a habit one needs to develop to go on with scientific careers.

The Skill of Data Structuring

In fact, a research paper is just a big project on the organization. Nowadays, students can potentially find literally any data due to the World Wide Web availability. What depends on you is reviewing, narrowing, and categorizing the right and relevant information. Then, you process the whole thing and present it using the format that seems the best to you. The huge focus of the process is the attention to detail and significant mind efforts.

Critical Time Management

The assignment is the tough exam for the time management skills you have. Each point of the research plan and the writing itself is a time-taking process. So, it is you who should plan the deadlines and stick to the schedule to finish the task in time. You can boost efficiency through generating a precise timing for the research and then inserting those "research time” periods into your diary. Probably the main tip here is the one you already know. Do not postpone this task. Come up with a plan right after the assignment appears.

The Subject Exploration

It is probably the best feature of research paper completion. The subject you choose is highly likely to excite you, and the task gives you a chance to learn much more about it. It does not really matter what topic you study. The process of researching will surely bring original ideas and amazing facts worth knowing them to you.

The masterpiece paper comes out of the proper combination of two factors. One of them is the real, genuine interest the student has about the topic. The other one is a thorough and careful approach to the process.

Now, here are some special tips about social media research papers and topics.

Research Papers on Social Media: What to Write About?

Let’s check one thing about social media. Can you imagine yourself or your friends without Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter? Most probably, no.


Research paper student


Here is the point: the modern world would not exist without social media. Those web services got into our lives so deeply they can directly influence the way people perceive their reality. That is why the potential of topics for research papers on social media is limitless.

We’re serious. Here are only four examples of relevant and interesting social media research paper topics.

  • The Influence of Social Media on Education. Do you think it’s too banal? Well, think of the communicational possibilities given by social media. Nowadays, even professors and supervisors are likely to use Facebook to contact their students instantly and support their college or university communities.Students themselves use social media to transfer educational materials or complete studying projects together. You can easily try expressing the development of social media popularity and usage among students statistically and then predict future changes, for instance. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Ethical Discussions vs. Business Development. The topic suits marketing, business, and PR faculty students perfectly. Currently, all social media platforms are big and effective advertisement instruments for businesses. Corporations and small businesses invest huge funds into social media marketing initiatives. The concept of direct, personalized advertising allows companies to increase their sales but causes social discussions about privacy and ethical sides of such tricks. Which point should prevail: business or ethic?
  • Social Media and Language: How Neologisms Change the Way We Talk. LOL. ROFL. ASAP. W8. 4ever. You know that, don’t you? Didn’t you think social media slang to change the way people express their thoughts and emotions directly? This topic is perfect for philologists. It is an endless source of materials, at least because every Internet slang expression has its history. If you like discovering the languages and exploring their symbols, social media can offer you many directions to follow.
  • Social Media Communication: Digital World and Reality. Social media expanded communicational possibilities and made modern people perceive the conversation differently. This topic is a treasure chest for psychology students. For example, they can try to find out why people frequently feel it better to type a Viber message rather than give a call to their friends. Or to discuss the problem of young people feeling uncomfortable in live conversations or being addicted to online chatting.

To Conclude

As you can see, there is a wide range of topics to pick. You only need to choose the field that interests you the most and then conduct careful full-scale research. 

The right topic will definitely bring you A+!

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