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Creative Writing Definition. What Do We Call Creative Writing?

Creative writing

If you are one of those students who have absolutely no idea what creative writing means but would like to get familiar with the creative writing definition, this article is exactly what you need.

What does creative writing mean? The very definition of creative writing contains its main idea – it has to overstep the boundaries of professional academic norms. Creative writing is characterized by high usage of poetic words, epithets, and other tropes. Various novels, poems, stories etc. usually belong to this category.

So, why is creative writing important?

First of all, it gives a person a perfect chance to express their thoughts and feelings. It is a great experience, as it improves communicative and rhetoric skills. Understanding how to put the ideas on the paper can certainly help to express them in all the other forms. Moreover, students acquire persuasion skills, as they learn how to convince others of their point of view.

Secondly, when practicing creative writing, a person uses their imagination and learns how to come up with alternative solutions. Such a technique can develop problem-solving and analyzing skills.

The benefits of creative writing cannot be underestimated. But unfortunately, not everyone can express their ideas so easily. If you feel like you are not in the position to handle it and you ask yourself: “How to write my essay”, all you have to do is to follow a simple set of rules to cope with it successfully.

Creative Writing Tips

Be Yourself

What shall one start with when it comes to creative writing? The first and probably the most important tip is to be yourself. Do not try to meet the other people`s expectations, or be afraid that someone might not like what you what to write about. What you actually have to do is express your inner world on the piece of paper. Just be yourself, share your point of view with others, and put your heart in the story. Find your authentic writing style which could reflect your personality in the best possible way. If you enjoy the process, those who read your story will definitely enjoy the outcome.

Keep Reading

If you have dozens of great ideas for creative writing but experience certain difficulties with the structure, the best piece of advice, in this case, is to read the other works before composing your own. Why is it so important and how does it help? First of all, you may look through different structures and writing styles. Understanding the way how other works are written will give you a sense of what should be done. Moreover, it will also broaden your horizons and teach you the basics of creative writing.

Manage Your Time

Discipline and time management are the best friends of creative writing. The person who wants to create a piece of work has to devote their spare time to it. It is better to decide how much of it can be spent for writing and make sure there are no distractions which can intervene. When immersing in the process fully, there are much more chances for the work to be finished earlier and for the result to be worthy.

Define Your Target Audience

It is important to understand who the target audience is when composing a novel. The writer needs to keep that in mind. They should be able to answer the following questions when writing a piece of work: who is my work oriented at? Why will they read my work? What do I want to express when writing the novel? Answering these questions can help to define the correct direction to work in.

Revise the Final Work

Revision is the key to creative writing. It rarely happens that the person`s writing is good enough from the first attempt. That is why it is extremely important to read the finished work several times to make it look flawless. You can do it the next day with the refreshed mind. It would give a more critical evaluation. It is also a good idea to show the completed piece to someone else to estimate. Even if the review is rather harsh, it may be very useful to hear someone`s point of view.

Creative Writing Ideas to Get a Good Grade

Creative student

A lack of creative writing ideas can slow down the process significantly. Unfortunately, the muse does not visit us every time we need it. That is why sometimes it can be very helpful to use the existing ideas for creative writing just to give it a push.

So, where shall the person look for the hints what to write about? Here we have come up with the list of possible ideas for creative writing that can be used anytime when you lack inspiration.

Use Your Surroundings

You can always find the creative writing ideas in the ordinary objects or places around you. It can be anything that you see in your own house every day or any place you usually go through. Do you still have doubts that it can work? We will make sure they are all gone when you see the suggested list of topics to work with.

  1. Imagine that you are a secret agent and your task is to hide the documents anywhere in your room so that no one could ever find them. Write about the place itself and why you would choose it.
  2. Find an old picture of yourself and describe what person you were at that time and how you have changed over the years.
  3. Imagine that you found a secret letter on the table when cleaning the house. What was written there and how would it change your life?
  4. Find any book in your house, open the random page, point your finger to any word and use it as a beginning of your own story.
  5. Write about meeting the person who lives on the streets in your favorite part of the city. Will you help them to find their way in life? How will your acquaintance influence both of you?
  6. Find any spot of the city which history is not well known by the citizens and come up with the ideas of its appearance.

Write About Your Own Life

Think about the most memorable and interesting moments of your life. Each of us has fascinating stories worth mentioning or dark secrets no one knows about. All you have to do is to create a character with an absolutely different name and tell your story from their perspective. It is strongly unlikely anyone could ever guess that the story was real but you would definitely be able to put your heart into it and use your personal experience to create a great piece of work.

If you do not have any interesting moments to write about, think of your friends or the people you know. You have probably heard many different stories that sound exactly like the book plot. So why not to use them as the idea for creative writing, if these people do not mind, of course.


Creative writing is not an easy task. It requires much time, dedication and hard work to write a piece that will actually be good. The most important thing is always striving for the best, being yourself and opening your heart and soul during the process. At the end, the readers always feel whether the writer enjoyed what they did.

If you lack the ideas for writing, just think of something you always wanted to share with others. There are probably plenty of things you can come up with. If the muse still does not visit you too often, you can always use the ideas offered in this blog. Just be open and creative and all the rest will follow.

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