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What Is Report Writing and How to Master It?

Writing a perfect report

First of all, let’s start with the definition of the report. It is not an ordinary essay, as it has a fixed structure, which has to be followed. Moreover, it has to be short, brief, and written for a particular purpose and a certain audience. It usually describes a situation or an event and provides its analysis, as well as recommendations for further actions. Reports are mostly written for scientific, business and technical subjects. Report writing skills are also essential for the future job position, as it is a widespread means of conveying information in the workplace.

Report writing is not difficult to learn. The key is to preserve the structure and summarize the information briefly and concisely. Of course, if you have got a homework to write a report you may choose an easy path and order cheap report writing, but if you are open for a challenge which may happen rather important to know about, why not try to compose it on your own?

A Perfect Report Features

A good report is characterized by a set of specific features. Let`s review them more closely.

  1. It must have an abstract or the summary, which provides a brief outline of the content.
  2. Report writing means orienting at a specific target audience. A report also must have a defined aim. It is important to keep that in mind when composing it.
  3. There must be several sections and subheadings, as it helps to organize the information correctly.
  4. The usage of graphs and tables can also be useful in some cases.
  5. It can also contain the evaluation of the research results and a description of certain events.
  6. It would be great if the report included the author`s recommendations regarding future actions.
  7. It is better to include a conclusion.

However, the writing requirements may vary depending on the purpose it has to be concluded for. For example, many organizations have a specific writing structure which has to be followed precisely.

Subsections and Numbering

A good report has to lead people to the necessary information in a quick and easy manner. That is why it is extremely important to structure it correctly. Using numbered sections and subheading, as well as including a table of contents would be a great idea to structure the data.

The Structure of the Report

As already mentioned before, the requirements for the report writing may vary, however, it usually includes an executive summary, introduction, main body, conclusion, and recommendations.

  • The executive summary or the abstract is a brief summary of the content. It is better to write it when the paper is already finished, as you will know the key points which are worth mentioning here. An executive summary is usually 0.5-1 pages long.
  • The introduction covers what you are planning to write about and provides a brief summary of the key points.
  • The main body should cover the main points of the report in a brief and structured manner. It is better to split it into several numbered sections with the subheadings, each covering main issues under discussion. Use only relevant information here, as it has to be applicable to the real world.
  • The conclusion summarizes the main points covered in the body part. No new information can be presented here.
  • The recommendations suggest your ways and ideas on how to improve the situation. It has to be clear and specific, offering solutions that can be applied to real life.

The Writing Style

Considering that report writing belongs rather to business writing, the language used in it has to be formal. It is important to use plain English; the words and sentences have to be short and precise. Avoid using jargon or any other informal constructions. Consider grammar mistakes as well. It is better to proofread the completed paper several times to make sure it is grammatically correct.

It is also important to take into account the target audience while writing. Sometimes, it is better to use the third person instead of the first one, etc.


Report writing is an important skill as it is commonly used in many different companies. A good report provides a brief and informative summary of the main points to discuss. It is important to follow a specific structure while writing, thus it may vary depending on the organization. Regardless of the set structure, each report has to provide relevant and structured information. It would be a great idea to use subheading and include a table of contents. Consider the formal language style, target audience, and grammar as well. It is better to proofread the paper several times when it is finished. Following these simple pieces of advice will ensure your report looks flawless.


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