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Graduates of 2019: What Profession to Choose for Future Success?

The reality changes and often makes people go “back to school” in order to get new knowledge. Nowadays, the situation is even more serious: the quicker life tempo makes former students and graduates of high schools or colleges meet the situation when their recently gained knowledge and skills get outdated even before they could use them for the first time.

Graduate choose career

Write My Essay experts conducted research showing that the same things happen to professions: new ones appear while old ones disappear due to becoming unnecessary. What career to choose after graduation in 2019? Things won’t change globally. Still, it is only the beginning of a new era of workers.

The boom of engineering and IT careers to choose for graduates has been going on for several years already. In addition, robotics specialists become more popular and attractive for graduates throughout recent months. At the same time, future markets are going to need graduates who are able to teach machines how to think, feel and make decisions correctly. People of these professions and good qualification won’t experience difficulties in finding a job in 2019.

Best Careers 2019 to Choose: Social & Energy Fields

Social workers will be needed: they are not just teachers, doctors and psychologists, but babysitters, tutors, etc. Graduates busy with such activities will have simplest possibilities to gain a connected profession: they are wanted with their regular skills right now, and they’ll remain relevant in the future, though they will require some additional knowledge from other fields.

Also, more and more graduates choose to get busy in the energetic development of the world: starting with the search of ways to recycle carbohydrates most effectively and ending with the creation of new fuel types. Workers of food production fields are wanted as well, especially if they have chemical education in addition to a technical one.

The graduate thinking on the question “What career should I pursue after graduation?” can see the formal list of wanted career fields to choose here:

  • Energy industries;
  • Food production;
  • Social jobs and things connected;
  • Robotics and interaction with computers.

These are the most relevant career directions for graduates for the closest future decades. The first 3 fields will remain relevant as long as humanity exists. The last one will remain among the leaders for quite a long time too, but machines will take over this working field totally sooner or later.

When thinking “What job should I have to be successful?” you better take into account the fact that there are many professions in those fields: some of them have average popularity levels while other ones are already among the most wanted.

What Profession Should I Choose? Most Promising Careers of 2019 and Future

Earlier, some new, futuristic professions were predicted to appear: such as a cyber-prosthesis developer or an emotion designer. There are no faculties teaching these professions yet, but nobody can say there won’t be. What career to choose after high school? The list of the most relevant 2019 professions is not that exotic, they’re quite common in modern societies.

Best careers for 2019 graduates include:

  • Chemist;
  • Biologist;
  • Logistics specialist;
  •  Teacher;
  • Builder;
  • Engineer;
  • Marketing specialist;
  • Conflict resolution advisor;
  • IT specialist;
  • Medical worker.

Graduates deciding which profession to choose should not forget that even professions known as quite usual ones require specialists to have the “freshest” knowledge possible. Biologists, for instance, don’t need to know some classics about reproductive systems of plants but have to be engineers, agronomists and chemists at a time.

The same thing can be said about chemists: the research on creating new fuel sources and ways to make food from nothing had been started already. Don’t forget about that if you are graduates who choose said profession.

Graduates choose profession

Social professions to choose for graduates in 2019 include teachers, doctors and conflict resolution specialists. Teachers and doctors have always been behind new knowledge: innovations in teaching and medical care appear so rapidly that people of these professions have to study all the time. The conflict resolution specialist is relatively new as a profession. It is already among the most popular ones while the demand for it would only be growing in future.

Other professions will require graduates to be flexible: the changing reality will reveal the necessity of new knowledge. Those who only plan to graduate for a profession in 2019 should know that certain professions from this list will change to a point that they’ll become totally new kinds of activities. Therefore, you should be ready to get a level of knowledge a lot higher that the minimum gained in educational establishments when you choose them.

What Career to Choose after Graduation: Dangerous Future Tendencies

There are professions that will only preserve their demand for a short time, but they are included into the list of wanted ones. This will cause many people to go in for working in certain fields. Several years later, however, the relevance is going to decrease, leaving most fresh specialists as outsiders. This can be said about such professions as a translator or an accountant. They are not among most popular professions but having quite a big demand now.

For instance, modern international markets need a vast number of translators, but several years later the effectiveness of machine translation will grow seriously and most specialists will not be required, ending up having to choose other fields. The same fate expects accountants: all calculations and nuances of financial relations between companies will be accounted for by computers, and the data they require can be entered by any person within a couple of minutes.

Such popular professions to choose from nowadays may disappear in future:

  • Carpenter;
  • Travel agent;
  • Copywriter;
  • Librarian;
  • Bank operator.

The same thing can be said about the profession of business coaches. At this moment, the demand for them rises, and many graduates can be attracted to choose them due to the substantial potential earnings. Still, analysts predict this tendency to be temporary: the need for such specialists will reduce within the nearest years and most coaches will have to choose another profession to learn.

Graduates planning to gain skills needed to work in the fields of the most wanted professions should expect serious competition in the near future. The point is not about professions feeling deficiency of workers during years in a row: society lacks teachers at schools, but current salary levels don’t attract a lot of new graduates when it comes to their time to choose the profession.

Professions requiring special mindsets and character features will be exceptions, too. For instance, modern psychologists are just people helping their clients deal with their fears and find inner balance. Yet, even nowadays, they predict a new psychological profession to appear: generation translators. These will become people helping youth and elder generations to understand each other better.

To Conclude

This was only a short article touching the matter of profession choices. But we hope it was helpful to you. Follow your heart and you’ll choose the profession that will help you reach success after you graduate.

Good luck!

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