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Visual Analysis Essay Writing: Professional Recommendations

A visual analysis essay writing is an entirely creative task. It may seem to be one of those unique types of essays not having their typical structure. Still, a visual analysis text should engage the reader. After they check the first paragraph of the essay, your audience should understand what exactly you try to present.


Here is the very first tip from expert essay writers: a visual analysis essay focuses on a chosen work of art and presents it as an essay. That means there is an intro, the main body as a chain of paragraphs linked with an idea, and a summary part, aka conclusion.  


Write visual analysis essay


Starting to Write a Visual Analysis Essay

The intro part of the paper should be the short description of the drawing, photo, or picture you are going to analyze. Adding some main info on the author and the meaning of the chosen artwork for the entire branch is also suitable.

Another part of the intro paragraph should contain relevant dates and periods, and other vital details. In addition to this, there has to be a precisely expressed thesis statement. The text, the features of your particular assignment, and its purpose are three factors influencing the final shape of an introductory paragraph.

For instance, an image with a purpose is a historical photo.

Visual Analysis Essay Plan

Your plan can look as you want it to. You can use it to have the required data gathered in one place, to see the overall formatting or both. Make it be the most comfortable for you to write a visual analysis essay.

Intro: Suggested Contents

  1. Chosen facts about your topical artwork.
  2. Hook phrase to engage readers.
  3. Vivid language description of the picture.
  4. If possible, tell the readers why the author took the proto or painted the image
  5. The artist’s intention explanation.
  6. Curious topics about the work: misunderstanding, controversies, conspiracy theories, etc.
  7. A thesis statement saying why exactly it is worth to describe a chosen artwork.

Body: Possible Choices

  1. Thesis support.
  2. Argument support: three focus points.
  3. Description: the object itself, the particular technique an author used to create an artwork, etc.
  4. Interpretation: explain how you understand an in-depth meaning and the intention of the chosen artwork.

Conclusion: How to Summarize

  1. Mention the main facts and points.
  2. Compare the described artwork with other ones in likely styles.
  3. Suggest how exactly the picture fits the artist’s work.

Visual Analysis Essay Intro: Write it Correctly

When writing an introduction, try to check if you’ve got everything required at hand. In the intro, you make the first contact with readers, so lay out a thesis statement, all the arguments, and all the background data understandably.

  1. Generate a suitable thesis statement.
  2. No original argument should be stated here.
  3. Involve the audience, get them engaged with a hook.
  4. Provide readers with background info.

Thesis in a Visual Analysis Essay

The most substantial choice in writing a thesis is quite simple and obvious: you revise the entire research conducted on the topic, and then "squeeze" it to the principal point, the fundamental idea. Each of your visual analysis essay arguments should refer to the thesis in one way or another.

Body Paragraphs: State Your Arguments

Writing an excellent visual analysis essay is about a discussion. You mention and describe all the elements of the picture or photo that seem to be helpful to you. Sentences composing the main body should have a topical one that underlines the feature of the analyzed object and its meaning. The best way to compose the main body is to analyze everything based on the effect an artwork has.

Body paragraphs should concentrate on a particular element or point: colors, the image, text, etc. The function of each section is to support your arguments and viewpoints with relevant evidence or examples. Try to imagine that you need to present a picture to a person who has never seen it before. That will be your best body writing recommendation as it would become easier to point out critical features making the most contribution to the main effect of the artwork.

Body Writing Recommendations

  1. Coherent and clear writing is your best friend here: it makes your arguments more compelling.  
  2. Keep up with the topic and avoid distracting readers with unnecessary words.  
  3. To prevent the reader’s confusion, describe a single argument in one paragraph.
  4. A paragraph should have a beginning topical sentence and an ending one.
  5. Do not forget to refer to your thesis. 

Conclusion: Visual Analysis Essay Summary

A perfect summary is the one concluding the main topic and relating to the intro. To conclude the visual analysis essay correctly, you can show up the insight or new idea you’ve got while analyzing the artwork.


  1. No original argument should appear at this point.
  2. Thesis statement rephrasing is ok.
  3. Conclude all your previous arguments.
  4. Bring your strongest argument to the table.
  5. A conclusion is your last try to convince the reader your point is right.

Visual Analysis Essay Revision


Visual analysis essay proofreading


A revision is a critical point letting you shape the text and making it better than it was before. Everyone can fail, and a correct attentive revision is a way to fix mistakes to prevent them from turning into troubles.

  1. Check grammar, spelling, structure, and formatting once more.
  2. Go in for revision with a fresh look: leave the text alone for a few hours after you finish it.
  3. Test your argumentation: is it logically connected throughout the entire text?
  4. Bibliography matters: check its consistency, completion, and formatting.  


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