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Our company has been working with clients for 5 years. With each order we improve the quality of our work because we always try to meet your expectations. All customer’s demands are taken into consideration very responsibly.

Our clients can feel confident about the quality of our services. Yet there may be extraordinary circumstances, and you may want to get your money back. Below we elucidate the situations when you are eligible to receive the compensation.


You have paid twice or made two identical orders. If this has happened to you, you need to contact our Support Team. They will check the case and take care of the 100% refund.


We have hired experts in multiple academic subjects and disciplines. However, in some rare cases we may not be able find a professional due to the complexity of your order or too specific time frame set for it. In such a case, we guarantee the 100% refund as well.


We deliver completed orders as soon as they are ready, meeting the deadline you have mentioned. However, in some cases the completion of the writing process may depend on how timely the customer provides requested clarifications. If the customer is late with the response, no refund can be given.


If you have chosen the 4 hour time frame, and the delivery is 17 or more minutes late, you will be able to have the payment difference refunded according to the pricing set for any more extended deadline.


If you get the first variant of your order and are not satisfied with the result of our work, you can contact your writer about amendments. We offer free revisions during the period of 10 days after you get your paper. You should provide the arguments and proper evidence that the paper is not satisfactory. Claiming the payment back is possible only after 2 revisions (1 for urgent orders).

The Other Possibilities to Get a Refund

The papers we write are non-plagiarized. All of them are checked via our special software. If you have a claim of the similarity of your paper with any other text, please send it back attaching with the evidence of the plagiarism from the Turnitin service or just forward to us the notification you have received from your school, college or university. We are responsible for the issue in case of our fault, so do not doubt getting a fully rewritten paper or full payment back under such circumstances:

Give your writer a chance to fix your paper! Thus, we can guarantee the possibility of payback requests only after 2 revisions for orders with extended deadlines, and after only 1 revision in the cases of urgency, when you initially give us less than 12 hours.

Unfortunately, you will not get a full compensation after the paper has been finished and sent to you. Eventually, the writer’s work needs to be awarded to a certain extent.

The additional options that are available at extra cost can be compensated under no condition.

Order’s Cancellation

What if you do not need your order any longer? Obviously, you can get the payment back as well. Certain refund is possible in the following cases:

  • If the writer is not assigned, you can cancel your order and get the 100 percent refund.
  • If the writer is assigned, and the half of the time limit has passed, you can get 70 percent refund.
  • If more than the half of the time limit has passed, and the writer is working on your order, but you decide to cancel it, you can get only 30 percent refund.
  • If you request a refund after your paper has been written, we are unable to refund your payment.

It is important to mention that we accept all claims during the period of 10 days after you have received the completed order. After you open a dispute, it will take 7 to 10 days to solve the issue.

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