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Below you can find the calculating form that shows the price of a paper. The following factors determine the final cost:

  • The required academic level of your paper. Choose from High School, College, University, Master’s, and Doctoral. Higher levels mean more complex papers. Keep in mind that choosing the lower level to decrease the price is not an option.
  • The number of pages you need our writers to provide. Basic prices are indicated per 1 page.
  • The deadline. We can complete your paper in 4 hours. In fact, it is possible for us to deliver it to you even faster. So, if your case is extremely urgent, let us know about it. We’ll see what can be done in your situation.
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*EU and UK customers are obligated to pay Value Added Tax.

Pricing Note

A real price can be different from the calculated one if:

  • Currency conversion is required (the currency of a client’s paying account is different to the currency required for payment). The company does NOT compensate the price difference in this case.
  • Currency conversion was caused by settings of a payment system a client uses. The company does NOT refund the price difference in this case as well.
  • An actually required academic level of the paper is higher than the one chosen by a client when filling in the order form. For instance, the client chooses the “High School” level and the actual complexity of an order corresponds with the “College” level. In this case, our support service representative will contact the client immediately to inform them about the situation and to ask for additional payment.
  • There is an additional 20% VAT payment required from clients from the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  • The price is lowered because deadline extension is required. Sometimes writers might need more time to complete orders. This is possible only after our Support Team representative has contacted the client and received their permission.

Additionally, we offer an individual discount system for each client. You can contact our support service managers to find out about the details.

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