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Revision Policy

We can fix the delivered paper for free. We have better revision options than other companies. For example, we offer you to get whatever you want fixed within 10 days from the date of delivery, while others limit this period to 3 days. Aren’t you still convinced that we are maximally customer-friendly? Then just read on.

Commentaries for Revisions

You would be asked to tell us if you need your paper to be revised. There is only one way to request a revision: to use the tab “Revision Request” situated beside the order tab on your personal account. Support Team can help you with that. We just ask you to specify the comments on the completed paper, according to which we are supposed to amend it. Also, you will set the timeframe for us to stick to.

You should remember that your comments for revision should contradict the initial specifications. It means that you are not allowed to change the topic or type of essay and the basic requirements. That may lead to the necessity to write a new paper, and consequently, to make a new payment.

If your professor has modified any of the requirements for your assignment, you are eligible to specify what needs corrections, but this service will cost extra. The price of the adjustment will depend on the character of the changes we have to make and the time limits.

What About Another Expert?

What if your assistant cannot meet your needs? We will find another one, as we value your satisfaction. However, this is possible only if the first writer has already completed 3 revisions but failed to meet your expectations for rational reasons. The assignation of a new writer can be possible only if there is a true need for this. If you want another expert to assist you, your arguments should be convincing.

Time Limitations

Usually free revisions are available within 10 days from the first time the order has been delivered. This is possible for orders up to 30 pages. If your number of pages goes beyond this limit, you are eligible to ask for free revision within 20 days.

The revision time frame depends on the customer’s expectations. You can set a particular time of the revision delivery, but the minimum time frame we offer is 3 hours. If your order is urgent and you have initially chosen the time limit of 4 to 12 hours, you can request swifter revision. However, we have to refrain from giving you the guarantee of delivering the completed order earlier than within 3 hours.

Moneyback Concerns

  • You can contact the manager from Support Department if we have not satisfied all of your demands even after a few revisions. In such a case you should remember that our manager needs some time to find the solution for the issue that would satisfy both sides.
  • In case you have reasons to receive a refund, you have to contact our Support Department directly and open a dispute. Get ready to provide strong arguments for your position and the evidence of at least two unsuccessfully completed revisions (this is a must-follow condition). If you had an urgent order, one unsatisfactory revision will be enough.

Your excellent grade for this essay is our top priority. We’ve got you covered!

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